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DishPVR 721 has two tuners so you can create Picture-in Picture on any TV and record two live programs at the same time. The expanded hard drive lets you record up to 90 hours a without video tape, pause live programming and create instant replay, all with a touch of a button.

Basic Programming starting at just $22.99/month

Satellite Television offers the best form of digital entertainment for the consumer. Unlike cable, satellite offers direct delivery of programming to your home without interference from your neighbors or anyone else. In most cases, when the cable system goes out in the neighborhood, it also goes out in your home and sometimes for hours. Satellite Television offers reliable digital entertainment 99% of the time.

Just for $50.00 you can get DISHPVR when you sign up for Digital Home Plan. With DISHPVR 501 you can zap commercials, fast forward, rewind, record up to 50 hours of programming, and the possibilities continue!!!!!!!!!

DishNetwork offers over 500 digital entertainment programming and the most international programming of any company. We feature 32 Movie Channels, more 500 pay per view movies a month. We now offer local channels in more than 38 markets. PlanetLink gets direct service from our Technical and Installation divisions, and customer service is available 6 days a week. For more information contact us at 404-808-1757 .

All DishNetwork Systems comes with Free Basic Installation

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