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PlanetLink Communications, Inc. is developing several proprietary products based on satellite and GPS technology, whenever we need to we partner with other providers to deliver the best satellite enabled products to our customers. Some of our partners include:

Echostar Communications, Inc., parent company for DishNetwork. DishNetwork is the number two and the fastest growing satellite company in the U.S. market with over 7,000,000 subscribers. DishNetwork offer over 500 digital television channels to its customers, and we are proud to provide the same service to our customers. The Company offers the largest variety of programming options to the consumer.

Starband, offers the world's first high speed internet 2-way communication, offering speed up to 10 times faster than 56K. PlanetLink has partnered with this innovative company to deliver High Speed Internet to our customers.

Trimble Technology, is one of the largest GPS chip provider in the U.S. Our partnership with this cutting edge company and research giant SWRI has allowed us to develop a family of personal tracking devises based on GPS technology both for personal security and convenience.