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PlanetLink Communications was founded in March of 1998. The Company remained in the incubation and research and development phase for the first twelve months. In May of 1999, PlanetLink Communications, Inc. was formally incorporated as a Georgia Corporation with offices in Atlanta.


In August of 1999, PlanetLink entered into an agreement with Bellsouth Communications to offer local telephone services in its nine southeastern territories. The Company also contracted with Cables and Wireless to build its dial up Internet access network and with DIRECTV, to offer cable-programming services, to make bundled services available to its customers.

In July of 2000, PlanetLink engaged the services of Eagle Research, a division of Cox Enterprises, to research the emerging satellite industry. Several focus groups were compiled in the Atlanta region to participate in the market research. Based on the results, PlanetLink altered its business strategy and began developing a new business model, with the sole objective of focusing on the emerging satellite-enabled technology industry.

In October of 2000, PlanetLink aligned itself with Echostar Communications. This decision has proven to be very pivotal to the development and growth of the Company. Based on the relationship with Echostar, PlanetLink immediately began to develop a retailing strategy, in an effort to position itself as a leading retailer for the developing satellite television niche.

The cornerstone of the new business strategy is the development of proprietary satellite-enabled products based on Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology, which will include personal tracking devices, child safety devices and other satellite-enabled security systems that will be offered in the beginning of 2004 to consumers in the United States.

In August of 2001, PlanetLink merged with Fifth Corp Acquisition, a Florida Corporation. This merger will be used as a vehicle to launch its Initial Public Offering (IPO). In January of 2002, the 8K was filed with the SEC for the public offering.

The public offering will give PlanetLink the opportunity to effectively capitalize upon its operation, develop an extensive research and development division and the first nationwide, independent, retail chain specializing in satellite-enabled products. We will also develop a nationwide network of installation and customer support centers, through mergers and acquisitions, to provide back-end support for the retail and sales operation.


evolving business strategy, PlanetLink is moving away from a store retailing strategy to focus its energy on the final development of the GPS product line in conjunction with Karta Technologies. PlanetLink looks to include both the devices and the satellite and online support to accommodate the usage of the systems. The company eagerly anticipates the launch of these products in the early part of 2004.