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PIONEERING a new category. StarBand is America's first consumer two-way, always-on, high-speed satellite Internet service. Virtually EVERYWHERE. With no special phone lines or cable modems required, StarBand service is the logical solution for millions of people across the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii who have been unable to get broadband Internet service.


FREEDOM from phone and cable line limitations. StarBand means High Speed Internet without the constraints and congestion of land-based cable or telephone networks. The FUTURE of communications, today. It's the next Internet experience and it's available now. If you can see the southern sky, you can get StarBand. StarBand Benefits It's wider than narrowband, bigger than broadband—it's StarBand.

There's more to know about the StarBand Small Office service. It's Right For:
  • Commercial/Small Office usage
  • Fast file downloads and streaming audio/video
  • Avoiding dial-up delays and disconnects
  • High Speed Internet access at an affordable cost
  • Software-based Internet sharing of up to 5 simultaneous users
  • PCs with Windows® 98, 98SE, 2000, Me, and now Windows XP!
  • Web surfing, e-mail, instant messagin
  • VPN at dial-up speed
  • One static IP address for use with SMTP e-email servers with up to 5 onsite users
It's Currently Not Right For:
  • Network sharing of more than 5 simultaneous users
  • Heavy upload traffic, such as Web and FTP server hosting
  • Direct connection to Macintosh, Linux, Unix, Windows NT operating systems
  • Router-based networking
  • Remote control software, and video voice over IP
  • Frequent large file and e-mail uploads

One Antenna, Two-Way:
StarBand uses a single satellite dish antenna for receiving AND for sending information—no telephone connection is needed. Plus, the StarBand antenna can accommodate both the Internet and EchoStar's DISH Network® satellite TV programming. StarBand service can bring the Internet and hundreds of channels of television into your home, all through one dish antenna.

Always-On Access:
StarBand service features always-on Internet access, with no wait to reconnect every time you want to surf the web or check e-mail. You'll stay connected to the Internet via a high-speed link as long as your computer is on.

StarBand is great for customers seeking up to 10 times faster speeds than dial-up can provide. With download speeds up to 500 kbps (targeted minimum speeds in excess of 150 kbps), downloading a file that used to take up to 5 minutes with dial-up can now take as little as 30 seconds!

Nationwide Availability:
StarBand service is available virtually everywhere in the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii, so you control your Internet access options regardless of how far away you live from the nearest telephone switch or cable node. Service to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands will be coming soon.

A Future of Multicast Capability:
As a StarBand subscriber you will have the opportunity to be part of a unique satellite multicast network. This means that in the future, you will be able to direct your PC to receive channels of high-quality content from top entertainment and information partners, including MP3 files, software downloads, subscription content and more.

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